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Spartan Sports Nutrition is very competitive with our prices. We offer the lowest possible prices on all of our name brand supplements. We carry a large variety of bodybuilding supplements and nutritional health products.

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Our helpful staff is available every day to answer all of your questions. Whether you need help selecting the best bodybuilding supplements or have questions related to a specific product or goal, we’re here to help you!


At Spartan Sports Nutrition, we provide top quality name brand sports nutrition supplements at whole sale prices to the public. Our mission is to supply a vast diversity of popular nutritional products that normally cannot be found in stores.
Whey Protein
We Carry a large variety of Whey protein isolates, and concentrates. (Optimum 100% Whey Protein shown.)
Pre-workouts are our specialty! Get the energy and stamina for the gym. (BSN N.O. Xplode 2.0 shown.)
Providing a large selection of daily vitamins for a healthy lifestyle. (NOW products shown.)
Weight Gainers
For those who want to gain some serious mass we got the craziest weight gainers on the market! (Optimum Serious Mass shown.)
Fat Burners
If you want to lose some weight we got fat burners/appetite represents at low everyday prices! (USP Labs OxyElite Pro shown.)
Testosterone Boosters
We carry a large selection of test boosters that can help you with your strength and size. (Muscle Meds Methyl Arimatest shown.)

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Spartan Sports Nutrition supplements are sold directly from our Las Vegas, Losee Rd Location. For more information please come by our store or call us at (702) 399-3144.

Spartan Sports Nutrition

What our customers are saying...

"Awesome place, great customer service, and amazing prices. Really friendly and knowledgeable. Always helpful, never pushy, very professional. They can even order items for you if they don't currently stock them... just ask! Will return over and over!" ~ Stephanie K. via Yelp

"A huge THANKS to the guys at Spartan Nutrition in Vegas .. Where I get all my supplements I need to prep for my shows ...Thanks for the sponsor and always having what I need !!! The one store that you can get EVERYTHING you need from protein , vitamins , pre workouts and the knowledge to guide you in the right direction .. The guys are GREAT!!" ~ Jeanie L. via Facebook

"Truth is there usually isn't much difference in sport nutrition places. There is here. Amazing prices I can't even beat on the Internet. Nice staff, the people I've run into there as customers are cool as well. I've been in quite a few times and never had any issues." ~ Robert C. via Facebook

Great store with everything you need.  The owner and employees go the extra mile to make sure you're satisfied. They won't hover over you or hound you over and over but will instead ask once if you need help finding anything and that's it.  This is definitely my go to supplement store. ! D A. via Yelp

After a trip to a different nutrition store a few days ago and getting God awful BCAA fruit chews that was recommended by the store employee, I found myself coming here before going to the gym which is in the same parking lot. One of my instructors was telling me about this store and how they have Quest bars in all flavors.

I originally planned on just getting vitamins but it wasn't a surprise to me that I ended up getting hundreds of dollars worth of protein powder, vitamins and bars. The guys that work here are super helpful, honest, knowledgeable - I went to school with one of them so I know they know their stuff. I do a lot of cardio and have been wasting away according to some people. I need more protein!!!

I asked one of them if they have BCAA that isn't the size of horse pills or doesn't come in chewable form that tastes like torture. So, they gave me a sample of the powder form (mixed with water, of course) and it was a scary Pepto Bismol pink but tastes like Gatorade! Sold! I bought a dozen Quest bars for $22. That's like $1.80/bar when other stores sell them for at least $2/bar. They had a great variety of flavors and I asked them what their favorites were.

They have everything you could possibly need for nutrition, weight loss, bulking, etc. for less money than the bigger chain store. I got a free protein shake bottle with my purchase. I'd be crazy to go a different store.
- Cathy C. Las Vegas via Yelp


We are a family business based out of Las Vegas Nevada. We are real people who care about our customers, our customers always come first. It’s the Golden Rule in business. Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

Sincerely, Spartan Sports Nutrition Family

Spartan Sports Nutrition was developed to offer a wide variety of sports nutrition supplements at wholesale pricing. Our team has spent hundreds of hours to ensure our customers are receiving the best prices while offering excellent customer service. We have been part of the bodybuilding supplement industry in Las Vegas for the last 16+ years.
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